Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taylor Hicks ~~ says goodbye in "Sold Out" Seattle!

Taylor Hicks again takes the “Sold Out” stage as he and the cast of “Grease” play to a packed house in their final performance tonight at the Fifth Avenue Theatre in Seattle.

Wednesday night’s “Sold Out” Shadow Tour party at The Triple Door was an all-out last hurrah for the West Coast according to reports and videos. It was jamming on a week night as Taylor showed up in style with guitar and harmonica tuned to hot and an A-list of Saturday night musicians behind him turning up the heat. Seattle got a full energized dose of Taylor Hicks live on stage!

If the meter measured fun, The Triple Door audience scored big! The whole West Coast scored big as Taylor spent the last three months living and working in the neighborhood where it all started on American Idol. In a grueling schedule of eight shows a week starring as Teen Angel in “Grease,” four solo Shadow Tour shows and endless media appearances and performances in every city, Taylor was on the move. He also released his new album, The Distance, on his own label, Modern Whomp Records and shot a music video for the second single, “Seven Mile Breakdown,” without skipping a beat in “Beauty School Dropout.” Frenchy is still going back to high school. And Taylor even learned to “tweet” on the Left Coast!

The fun is about to wind down in the West. After closing in Seattle tonight, Taylor travels with “Grease” to Appleton, Wisconsin, opening on June 2nd and continues appearing in the East and South into next year.

Get ready Deeeetroit! Taylor’s next Shadow Tour appearance is at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan, on June 22th. Motown is going to know that Taylor Hicks is in town!

From Seattle, “Sold out” is a nice way to go!

Safe travels to all…

Note: From here, it seems like the best of times and the worst of times…it doesn’t get any better for a stage entertainer than “Sold Out.” How very cool that Taylor Hicks can leave the West Coast this way!

But leave he must. It’s been an amazing three months out here. Of course, he will be jetting back and forth—often, we hope. And we’ll be doing a little jetting ourselves. It’s been amazing to have him in our corner of the world.

Thanks, Taylor, for coming and hanging out for a while!

~~Photo courtesy of RagsQueen at The Triple Door 5.27.09

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taylor Hicks~~ "Sold Out" in Seattle!

Sweet words for any entertainer—“Sold Out!”

Taylor Hicks has said that it means a lot to a performer to see the words, “Sold Out.” He will know the feeling tonight as he steps onto the stage at The Triple Door in downtown Seattle for the show that has been sold out for days. “Grease” performances are sold out also.

It’s a nice way to leave as he presents the last Shadow Tour show on the West Coast and returns to the Midwest and beyond for the continuing Broadway Across America National tour of “Grease.” In true Taylor fashion, we can be sure that he will return the favor to the packed house with an energy-packed performance of music worthy of goodbyes.

Seattle is set for something special…

Screencap by san from capture of AI by Gypsee, courtesy of American Idol.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taylor Hicks~~ featured on Blues Historian...

Blues Historian, always a loyal Taylor Hicks supporter, has a new video featured today on his site, an exclusive out of PayTheDevil's Roxy collection, “Woman's Gotta Have It.”

If you haven't visited Tom's site, it is a great place to explore blues music as well as check out Tom's radio broadcast. Tom is also an accomplished musician, and has a CD available on his site as well.

Be sure to watch this new addition to the Roxy series. We will have it available on the TTHC media vault for download soon.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Nineteen" ~~story of an American hero...

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”
~Maya Angelou


Nineteen, the number on his back, voted captain of his
High school football team
Took us all the way to state, got a scholarship to play
Down in Tennessee
He could catch, he could throw, he could run, he could go
Like you've never seen

But on the day those twin towers came down
His whole world turned around
He told ‘em all, I can't play ball
There's a war on now
So he marched right in with a few good men,
And joined the Marines
At Nineteen

He's the boy next door,
He might have carried your bags at the grocery store
Now he's somebody's son in a hole with a gun
In a foreign land trying to hold on
To his American dream
At nineteen

There's a sniper out there in the dark somewhere,
And a soldier’s down
We need someone who can duck and run
To get him out some how
Won’t one good man raise his hand,
And take one for the team
How ‘bout you Nineteen

He's the boy next door,
He might have carried your bags at the grocery store
Now he's somebody's son in a hole with a gun
In a foreign land trying to hold on
To his American dream
At nineteen

Brought him home today with a big parade
Down on main street
Got a purple heart and a silver star,
A soldier gave a speech
Said he could catch, he could throw, he could run,
He's the one who rescued me
He could have played for Tennessee
He was Nineteen
He was only Nineteen.

“That’s for our troops.” ~Taylor Hicks

Join us in remembering and honoring our American heroes this Memorial Day weekend. Their sacrifice and devotion to duty is the most precious gift of all to us and to our country.

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” ~William Shakespeare

"Nineteen" performed by Taylor Hicks at Roxy's 3.18.2009

Video courtesy of PayTheDevil

“Nineteen,” was written by Jeffrey Steel, Gary Nicholson, and Tom Hambridge and recorded by Taylor Hicks on The Distance. Image is courtesy of

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taylor Hicks ~~ the West Coast finale...

From Tucson to Seattle, the West Coast run for Taylor Hicks was memorable. But just like the iconic pop show where it all started on the West Coast, it’s ending soon—at least for this season.

Taylor makes his last Shadow Tour appearance on the West Coast at Seattle’s Triple Door on May 27th and "Grease’s " run in Seattle ends May 30th. Then “Grease” packs the lockers, the cone, and a lot of memories and makes the long haul back to the Midwest for its opening in Appleton, Wisconsin, on June 2.

For West Coasters, it is a sad realization that Taylor’s not a short flight or a day’s drive away. But our memories are vivid and sweet.

In late February, a warm and sunny Tucson welcomed Taylor and the “Grease” cast from the cold wintry climes of the Midwest. “What’s Right is Right” was out, and Taylor brought out his “Arizona shoes”—snakeskin boots to honor the appreciative Southwestern fans that packed Music Hall. Tucson was his second visit to Arizona. He brought his Modern Whomp Solo Tour to Tempe in 2007.

The first West Cost Shadow Tour performance was in San Diego. One of the songs he did was “Nineteen,” the emotional story of a war hero, from his album, The Distance. It was well received by the many Navy men and women attending the Belly Up show. Taylor dedicated it to our troops, a tradition he began with “Do I Make You Proud.”

In the glitzy LA/West Hollywood circles, Taylor rocked with the beautiful people as “Grease” played at the historic Pantages Theatre just down the street from the Kodak Theatre where he won the American Idol title in 2006. It had to bring back memories.

In March, Taylor joined in a day of purpose at the Los Angeles County Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, in its 13th year to raise awareness, fund research and provide breast cancer screening and treatment to the citizens of Los Angeles County.

The long-anticipated release of The Distance on Taylor’s own label, Modern Whomp Records, hit the streets on March 10th. On March 18th at Roxy’s on the renowned Sunset Strip, the stage was set for the first performance of all the new music from The Distance done Taylor’s way—live on stage! It was a night to remember for West Coasters and visitors from everywhere! The Soul Patrol was there from many Western states and as far away as Tennessee.

As if the warm Western sun were fermenting the creative juices, the phone in the cone was born. Taylor became a "tweeter" at and pretty good at standup zingers from the cone, such as the latest one liner from a few hours ago: “The Cone Ranger rides again.”

Why make a video about the wrong side of Mississippi in Mississippi? Why not make it in California when you are Taylor Hicks and Spence Nicholson? So, Seven Mile Breakdown, the video, was shot in Ojai, California, with Taylor performing for the first time (I think) on a grassy hillside. It debuted on AOL Music’s on April 27th. It took West Coast fun to a new high. And the video has well over 84,000 views on!

The real high in the West had to be when Taylor returned to the American Idol stage to perform his newly released country rock single, “Seven Mile Breakdown” just over a week ago. He brought down the house, brought Simon to his feet, and brought tears to the fans who remembered why they had started this journey.

Looking back, it was a pretty darn good West Coast run! A new album, over 100 performances in “Grease,” four Shadow Tours, a cone phone, a video, the National Anthem on Opening Day at the ballpark, more media appearances than anyone can count, and an Idol appearance that redefined Taylor Hicks, American Idol—not bad for a harmonica player from “back there.” Dare I say, he best return more often? Okay, that’s just wishful thinking.

Thank you, Taylor, for giving the Left Side great memories! You did okay out here! We will miss you, but we’re packing our bags.

It’ll just be a little longer flight next time… and a little more humid!

Safe travels to you and the Grease cast as you continue on tour. And come west again…soon!

Important note: If you are reading this from the West Coast and you haven’t seen Taylor Hicks in "Grease" or in his own Shadow Tour concerts, don’t miss this opportunity to see an amazing performer. Blogcritic Another Chad recently called Taylor the greatest talent to come out of American Idol. Grab a ticket for Seattle and enjoy some West Coast fun!

Screencap by san from AI/FOX capture by Gypsee. Please do not repost.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taylor Hicks is back home and playing golf...

“It’s good to be back in Alabama.”

Taylor Hicks came home this week to play in his hometown golf tournament, The Regions Classic. He returned to the course where he was a caddy growing up in Hoover, Alabama. Now, he is a celebrity guest in the Pro-AM tournament that Sports Illustrated rated as the Number One event on the tour circuit.

Taylor hit the greens and the talk show circuit. Just off the plane, he visited with his old radio talk show buddies, Rick and Bubba. They talked about last week’s American Idol appearance and Taylor divulged that “Simon told me after the show that was the best performance that I’ve even seen you do…there’s a fit for you in country music. And he also told me to get into movies…get into acting and keep the acting thing going.”

In day one on the greens, Taylor teed off with Bo Jackson and Tim Brando. Earlier on the local Fox channel, he hit golf balls for golf pro, Brad Bryant, who complimented Taylor’s swing saying that Taylor could certainly play the guitar much better than he could. But he couldn’t swing that much better than Taylor. They hit balls across the water, both placing close to a cameraman.

Taylor is paired with Charles Barkley and Andy Bean on day two of the Regions. He threatened to wear a bicycle helmet around the course with Alabama native, Barkley, in what sounds like a fun day for this charismatic pair.

Any bets that Charles will have something to say about Taylor’s Teen Angel role in “Grease”?

There was an abundance of media appearances and performances as Taylor took a few days off from “Grease” during its run in Seattle this week.

To watch and download all the images of Taylor Hicks relaxing and enjoying his trip back home, go to our media board:

I’m not a golfer, so I’m not going to talk scores!

Photo courtesy of The Birmingham News.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Taylor Hicks~~and a guitar in a 'vette...

Does a guitar fit in a Corvette?

Taylor Hicks cruising a hillside in California and singing “Seven Mile Breakdown” didn’t look like he’d ever been down on the wrong side of Mississippi.

We can’t go on without a second, and closer, look at “Seven Mile Breakdown” by Taylor Hicks and Spence Nicholson.

First, I had to do the research.

I don’t mean research Ojai where the video was shot. (I’ve been there, and it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful country in the world, in my opinion. And the Mississippi delta country is beautiful and intriguing even when it shakes its finger at you.)

I don’t mean research the history and mystique of the Corvette with the fuzzy dashboard cover. (I had a date in one of those once without the fuzzy dashboard. It was also red and white, and I did get the call back, but I passed on that one, even the car. I’m not that into cars, anyway.)

And I don’t mean research the flora and fauna of the fields through which the three young pretties ran. (Someone told me it was wheat, and I said that I didn’t think they grew wheat in Ojai, but I hadn’t been there for a long time. I said I thought it was dry grass, but I’m also not into grass.)

What I really needed to research were those close-ups of Taylor with crows feet and lip sincing his own music. (Is it wrong if you lip sinc your own music?

So, for my research, I had to watch the video over and over. (I know…it’s rough, but someone is smart enough to do it.)

Did you know that crow’s feet could be so delightfully charming and expressive! The side view…just like I was riding in the passenger’s (dreamer’s) seat, was enchanting! When he has the kind of crow’s feet that the rest of us have, he won’t suffer.

The same someone who said the girls were running through wheat, said the views of Taylor in the rearview mirror were the best in the video. (She also said she was watching this through her rear view mirror. Dreamer!) They were great shots—a Taylor singing along with “how do you like me now” attitude!

The pretty young thing who wakes up like we wish we did, (but never did), has The Distance on her bureau, a green rubber ducky, makes lemonade the old-fashioned way, and gets mail from a real mailbox. (And will never have crow’s feet.)

Was that Destiny driving by the mailbox? This “head turning glance going by” is the reason for making convertibles. That didn’t take much research. (And this is my favorite shot in the video. Taylor really should watch the road, though. Maybe he’s gotten too used to having drivers.)

More fun things I saw in my extensive research:

Taylor got to drive! Didn’t he say he wanted to? (There’s something about a man and his Corvette.)

There’s a new “glory note,” or “one to watch for note”: “lose” my mind. Can someone tell me what that is called with the voice? (Whatever it is, it’s fun and puts the country in country rock.)

Seismic energy can come from a country rock singer and his guitar. (There’s something about a man and his guitar. But he’s got too many. The harmonicas would fit in the ‘vette.)

Singing in a field brings out the country in all of us. (The same wheat, rear view mirror Dreamer said there’s nothing more country than singing in a field. Okay…she was right this time.)

So, I won’t regret that I once decided to pass on a car like that.

Just look where I am now…looking at a car like that cruising the California hills driven by a blue-eyed, soulful country rock star! (I know his eyes are brown. I researched that too.)

Sometimes you just know you made the right decision!

But I still have a lot of research to do…

Thanks to Cath for some of the inspiration for this piece. Thanks to Taylor Hicks and Spence Nicholson for the rest of the inspiration!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taylor Hicks~~"Seven Mile Breakdown"...another surprise!

The classic of all classic cars…Taylor in denim…the winding open road…beautiful girls in a field…country rock on the hillside…more priceless smiles and expressions from Taylor…a setting sun in the West!

Words won’t match the images and vibes of this beautiful and fun video~~ “Seven Mile Breakdown,” from Taylor Hicks and Spence Nicholson.

Put the top down and cruise on over to AOL Popeater for a musical soiree just as “the sun is setting” out on the hills!

You would never know it was filmed in Ojai, California.

You caught the magic vibes, Taylor and Spence!

Seven Mile Breakdown,” showcases the second single release of Taylor Hicks from his album, The Distance. Portland film director, Spence Nicholson, created the video that was shot just two weeks ago in Ojai, California. The Distance is out on Taylor’s own recording label, Modern Whomp Records, and is available at Target, Walmart, Bestbuy, Amazon and iTunes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Seven Mile Breakdown" spins on country radio!

Taylor Hicks sends his country rock hit, "Seven Mile Breakdown," from his album, The Distance, to radio today!

“The sun is sinkin’ down on the delta
Seven Miles is the only sign that lights our way
I hope someone is there to care about me
I’m gonna tear this old place down
And I’ll be on my way.”

The rowdy, bluesy country rock sound was written by Taylor and friend and former band mate, Wynn Christian. Backup includes some fine slide guitar work by Doyle Bramhall II. "Seven Mile Breakdown” is the second single released by Taylor from The Distance, out now on his own record label, Modern Whomp Records. "What's Right is Right" was released in January.

The gritty delta country tune plays out on video Wednesday on AOL.

Tune in for country rock with Taylor Hicks!

Get “Seven Mile Breakdown” on The Distance at music retailers Target, Walmart, Bestbuy, Amazon and iTunes.
Graphic by san from capture by Gypsee~American Idol_FOX. Please do not repost.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Taylor Hicks...can do country!

On my nervous meter it was the same as singing the National Anthem ten times without stopping. American Idol is the biggest show in the world! And the world’s toughest critic would be sitting front row center.

Taylor Hicks was coming “back home” to American Idol to perform “Seven Mile Breakdown,” his new single release going to radio play in the country genre on May 5th.

During a surprisingly quiet introduction, Taylor and guitar swaggered in from the shadows. Then he hit the spotlight singing and nothing was quiet after that! One reviewer called it “American music,” and it was as American as the fiddler who played along at side stage conjuring up images of deals with the devil. On the slide guitar was Jay Leach adding to the ambiance wearing classic black and cool white.

Taylor did the country look with impeccable style! In some circles, it might have been a gingerly step into country garb, but it worked. The chic black vest and black shirt, dark jeans and boots said designer inspired—the new man in black and very cool! The look suggested a country boy who had seen the city!

Forget that this was LA or the stage of pop culture’s icon! This was a party seven miles from anywhere! Seven Mile Breakdown is fun! Taylor Hicks was having the most fun! His smile was volcanic from somewhere deep inside that lit up the stage brighter than the hot lights that made his eyes sparkle! Was it smiles from the soul because he was back here where it had all begun? And he knew that he was on top of his game!

It was ironic that Taylor Hicks would rock the Idol stage with country music. In Season Five’s competition, country theme night was not Taylor’s best performance by his own admission. Now, here he was flaunting it, working it, and making it his own! Was there a desire to say, “Hey, I can do country!” If so, he sure proved it! He can do country!

But this was not your mother’s country! It was Taylor’s in your face country rock…with a daredevil attitude of “It’ll be how I sing it!” In other words, he “taylorized” it!

The end was sweet. Taylor turned around with an engaging nod to the drummer ending with a final, frenzied flourish. Then Taylor Hicks turned back to face the wildly cheering audience on its feet at the biggest show in the world.

And the toughest critic in the world was standing, applauding, and smiling… front row center!

Note: I couldn’t quell the idea that Taylor’s performance on American Idol deserved one more blog! Now, I will try to move on. Taylor’s performance on American Idol Wednesday night will be added to my “When Life’s Not Boring” list! This one is near the top.

Moving on…

Seven Mile Breakdown” goes to the country airwaves on Tuesday.

Stay tuned…here and to your favorite country stations. If you don’t have one, saunter on over and make friends!
Thanks to Gypsee for AI capture...screencap by san.