Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paris Las Vegas hosts Taylor Hicks Hangout ~ Clouds & Connecting

Taylor Hicks connects on Google+ as Paris Las Vegas hosted a fun and hilarious “Hangout” Tuesday.

It was fun, hip, and Bill Gates would be proud as I watched on a Microsoft product. His world has come a long way!

I finally found it. Go to Twitter and follow the links.

Follow the links like we used to follow the road map.

It was ‘today’ and cool, like the young. Here was Taylor Hicks in Las Vegas, fans in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Miami, all chatting it up. Webcams showed whatever was in front of them—tattoo, family Schnauzer, scribbled notes, while Taylor hammed it up, enhancing his image with funny hats and answering questions.

The Hangout was another technological marvel to catch up on—a two-way UStream with a select number of people on webcams and viewers looking on.

It’s only been seven years since we first connected with the American Idol from Birmingham, Alabama. There was no Twitter, Facebook (what was that predecessor of Facebook?), no Google+ or Chrome, iPad, or Idol App.

It’s only been four years since this blog launched. In one of the first blogs here, I said “We’ve come so far. We upload, download, and overload.”

How could I know that that was only the beginning and, now, that seems like nothing.

Except for the overload.

Some days seem like technological overload. Now, we Tweet, Google, FB, and carry it all around with us. The connections are endless and 24/7.

Can we keep up the struggle to keep up with all that’s in the clouds? Complete schools are being built there. You can back up your own computer all out there in the clouds?  I’m having trouble seeing the clouds in the same way.

But there is an organic part that doesn’t change.

In the hammy world of Taylor’s Hangout, he was asked to sing a little bit of a song, “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness,” that he recorded as a bonus track on The Distance. It blew me away then, and it still does.

And one guest shared the positive connection that Taylor’s music makes with her silent, autistic son.

How far we’ve come and how close we’ve always been to the essence of connecting.

It’s not only about technology. It’s still about touching lives. It’s still about the music.

Also yesterday, music blogger, Bob Lefsetz, talked about getting old in his “See the Changes.” It wasn’t really about growing old, but about what will get you through.

From Lefsetz’ “See the Changes:”

“Just when you think you've finally figured it out, you find out you were wrong. The hurricane destroys your house, depletes your life savings. The earthquake topples your abode. You thought you were prepared, but life is laughing at you. Pray if it makes you feel better, but no one's listening. Not God, not the government, not the media. You're on your own.

Unless you've got a good record collection.

And someone to listen to it with.

Then you're all right.”

Taylor talked about the success of technology like the iPad in connecting with the autistic.

Technology is a marvelous delivery, and music opens the silent world of a child…

It's making connections and making them count.

We’re all right.

Thanks to Taylor Hicks and Paris Las Vegas for keeping us all connected!


Connect with the music! Not in the clouds. Live on the stage!

See Taylor Hicks at Paris Las Vegas, headlining in Napoleon’s Lounge.

See what inspires our connections!

Taylor Hicks Headlining at Paris Las Vegas:


Watch the Taylor Hicks Google+ Hangout hosted by Paris Las Vegas:

Oh, yes...
And add YouTube to that plethora of technology that’s always with us!

Quote from Bob Lefsetz’ “See the Changes:”