Monday, September 30, 2013

Taylor Hicks: "I love what I do!"

I am envious.

Say what you will about success. This is it:

“I love what I do.”

Taylor Hicks celebrates the soulful Americana ‘roots’ music that he grew up around in Alabama in his headlining show at Paris Las Vegas. In a promotional video for Ceasar’s Entertainment “Las Vegas_Player,” he takes us inside his very successful show and his ‘Southern roots’ music:

“To have soul you have to have passion …for what you’re doing. For me, obviously, putting soul and passion in my music is something that I really find important.

“And I love what I do.”

There’s no arguing with that. There are no ratings, awards, or paychecks that can outweigh it.

Critics cannot destroy it.

Our success is personal. Mine can only be defined by me. Taylor Hicks defines his success:

“For me, you can take it all, but leave me with the music.”

“It’s not how many records you sell, but how many lives you touch.”

“I love what I do.”

I know what that means and when it is lacking. We hope our daily work brings satisfaction, ‘things’ that we enjoy, and sustenance. And it may.

To say “I love what I do” is different.

While we hope others share the joy or worth of what we do, real success is how we feel about every day, not how the world views what we do. It is experienced within, not received from those around us who decide what it looks or feels like.

I don’t hate my work. I find it satisfying and rewarding. But I am somewhere in between like and dislike.

I have always wished that I could say with passion, “I love what I do.”

Taylor Hicks is a lucky one.

Funny thing is it is infectious. It is shared joy, shared success.

In his audience we are enveloped in that love and passion the minute he steps onto the stage. It emulates from his energetic music and stage persona. It is the ‘magic’ of a resonating performance by a quintessential musician.

This isn’t to say that mere love creates the musicianship and artistry. But it fuels the hard work, practice, persistence, and dream.

It creates a vibrant circle that spells success. “I love what I do.”

An oversimplified measure of success?

How would you measure it?
And this success train isn’t slowing down…

As it was Saturday night, Taylor’s headlining show at Napoleon’s Lounge inside Paris Las Vegas continues to be sold out night after night. He is one of the most popular performers on the Vegas Strip. He recently performed a one-night-only jam session with the popular Vegas headliner, The Million Dollar Quartet, in a jam-packed house.

A recent review on
by dennis63 claimed: “I think it may be the most underrated show in Vegas right now….”

He gives back the love. On October 12, he returns to Alabama to headline the charity concert and football watch party, Tailgate for Cure, benefiting Alabama Institute of Medicine.

October 17, Taylor headlines “Hollywood Welcomes the Stars” in Hallandale Beach, FL benefiting The Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County.

He’s an avowed foodie and a restaurateur! He has two recipes from his Birmingham restaurant, Saw’s, featured in the new, hugely popular “Recipes Across America” Cookbook.

Check out all that makes this American Idol say, “I love what I do!” on his official website at:
Go see the artists that love what they do, and you are looking at success!

Check out Taylor Hicks on his music, Las Vegas, and more on Vegas Player:

See Taylor Hicks at Paris Las Vegas and experience the love, passion, and success of this true American Idol!

Photo above:  Courtesy of Coder1951 via Twitter:  Taylor at Napoleon's Lounge, Paris Las Vegas September 28th. Thanks to all who share photos of their concert experiences.