Sunday, April 14, 2013

Taylor Hicks Connects in Cleveland, Miami, and Las Vegas!

Early Saturday morning Taylor Hicks randomly tweeted:

"@taylorhicks: Some things aren't worth the hassle sometimes.....”

He had wrapped up three concerts in Cleveland, Ohio, and was somewhere traveling from there, through a nnowy Chicago airport, and on to Miami where he appeared Saturday evening at the “Blacks’ Annual Gala,” hosted by Real Housewife of Miami, Lea Black.

Here’s our flip side to whatever hassle in which he had found himself.

From a fan’s perspective, last week seemed like a coming together of good things. After a short time off from his headlining gig in Las Vegas, Taylor Hicks was back doing what he does best and getting the accolades for it.

As Taylor and company moved into Cleveland for the week, it brought back fond memories of the 2008-2010 National Broadway tour of the Tony-nominated “Grease” when the show dropped into a city with a flurry of excitement. Taylor Hicks, starring as the heavenly harmonica-wielding Teen Angel, was the face and spokesperson for the flurry. In fact, that “Grease” tour ended at the Palace Theatre in Cleveland, May 23, 2010.

To this fan, this week looked like those happy times when “Grease” was in a town near me!

As cities all over the country and Canada did on the “Grease” tour, Cleveland threw out their welcome mat. Taylor visited local TV and radio, went to a Cavs game, and wowed guests at three free concerts, two at the opening of the Thistledown Racino and one at the Horseshoe Casino.

With microphone in one hand, harmonica in the other, and smile, Taylor Hicks does what he does best!

“@HorseshoeCLE: Las Vegas Headliner @taylorhicks signing autographs at Vintage 51!”

New fans tweeted their reviews:

“@KelsoBug: One perk of my job...watching a Taylor Hicks concert from 10 feet away. Man got some serious SOUL!”

“@liza50: Wow ....just coming from @taylorhicks concert awesome experience you got a new fan !!”

Then there was the Blacks’ Miami Beach charity gala.

This American Idol wears black well and can rock the red carpet. He’s done it many times appearing at numerous charity events supporting good causes. It wasn’t a surprise that he was a guest performer at this glamorous Miami event hosted by Real Housewife of Miami, Lea Black, and her husband benefiting at-risk youth charities.

“@AWCSGO: Taylor Hicks is rocking the Gala. So great!”

No surprise either that he rocked the upscale gathering! 

Perhaps the most meaningful coming together, though, is the time Taylor spends after almost every concert meeting and interacting with guests, many new found ‘fans.’ They take away photos and good memories.

“@ThistleDownOhio: Some lucky fans got to meet @taylorhicks after the show! Hope everyone enjoyed the concert!”

There are always long lines to meet and get a photo with the talented and charming Las Vegas headliner.

Which bring us to the icing on this cake.

The Las Vegas Entertainment Guide listed Taylor Hicks at Paris Las Vegas one of the “Top Las Vegas Concerts 2013!”

“We are only listing the hottest concerts by the hottest stars.”

Those other ‘hottest stars’ include entertainment giants, Celine Deon, Shania Twain, Elton John, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Santana…

That’s some darn good company! 

“Whether it is his ardent singing style or his great personality, Taylor Hicks’ popularity is rising so fast he may soon need a larger venue!”

Actually, the first American Idol to headline with a residency gig in Las Vegas has already moved from the smaller Indigo Room at Bally’s where he headlined in 2012, to the present “glitzy little pocket” as Birmingham reporter, Mary Colurso, called Napoleon’s Lounge at Paris Las Vegas.

The American Idol who auditioned in Las Vegas in 2005 for the singing competition and won Season Five in grand style, is now among the Neon City’s ‘hottest stars.’

That is a coming together to celebrate!

So, it seems fitting that this vagabond entertainer returns to his Las Vegas home at Paris Las Vegas’ Napoleon Lounge this coming week for one of the “hottest” shows on the Vegas Strip!


And that’s not our word.

Oh, yes, there was also Twitter.

@TaylorHicks, official Twitter account, reached 36,000 followers and the number continues to climb daily. And all came the old-fashioned way; none was bought. It is simply new fans finding a really talented musician who loves his music and was born to entertain.

So, we think some good things came together for a very good week.

Congratulations to Taylor Hicks, who keeps right on doing what he does best, whether it is in Cleveland, Miami, or Las Vegas—entertaining us!

If we may speak succinctly and colloquially…

Rock on, Bro!


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Taylor Hicks returns to Napoleon’s Lounge inside Paris Las Vegas April 15th. If you are in or near Las Vegas, see why his show is one of the ‘hottest’ in the town of hot shows!


For the latest Taylor Hicks news and events, visit:

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Thistle Down Racino: Mike Carew, Akron Beacon Journal
Thistle Down Racino: Lisa DeJong, The Plain Dealer
@HorseshoeCLE: Lines to meet Taylor
Via @TaylorHicks Twitter:  Red Carpet in Miami
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Always rockin' the harmonica!