Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taylor Hicks on Ustream talks new album, touring, and Idol

Taylor Hicks chatted with followers tonight about his new album and a plethora of topics.

A new “country soul” recording is expected out later this year although he declined to give a date. He did say he is about half way through writing it and is collaborating with several songwriters.

“I’ve got four – five really great undeniable songs” so far. He called the new work a “pretty bad ass” record!

He answered questions pre-posed by fans on Twitter as well as fly by ones in the UStream chat thread. One took him back to his win on American Idol Season Five in 2006:

If you could go back to the night you won American Idol…would you carve out the same path?

Taylor answered thoughtfully:

“I’m pretty happy where I’m at.”

He talked about traveling to other countries for tours and said Japan and Indonesia were “not out of the question.” He also said he would love to go to Bali.

He complimented “Kat,” his Season Five Idol competitor, Katherine McPhee, on her debut in “Smash.”

A wide range of random questions were fielded by a relaxed Taylor Hicks, including the boundaries for his fans, Celebrity Apprentice, and acting.

Some surprises were announced at the end of the chat revealing an American Idol Viewing Party planned at Ore Drink and Dine, Taylor’s Birmingham restaurant. Details to be announced. He will also be discussing American Idol on local television appearances in Alabama and Tennessee.

Watch the complete live web chat video on his official website:

and check out all the latest on Season Five’s American Idol champ.

Taylor connects on Twitter ~ Follow: @TaylorRHicks

Thanks to cath_tthc for the Ustream screencap.