Sunday, April 13, 2014

Taylor Hicks ~~ Another Song...

When you do what you love, you can know the future.  When it's music...

It's another song.

When you are a fan, you know what to expect…

Another song.

Taylor Hicks, who more than anyone I have ever run into, knows what he loves to do—perform music on any stage, anywhere, anytime.  He left Las Vegas last week after almost a two-year residency there on the Strip, first at Bally’s and then at Paris Las Vegas—from June, 2012, through April, 2014. 

It isn’t just about his music.  Taylor Hicks is also a fan!

Just before he left Las Vegas, he sat in with “funkjammers” Galactic and long-time favorite, Robert Randolph and the Family Band. 
Great nite @BBowlVegas with @rrtfb last nite! Thx for the pic @CitonePhoto!
Thx again @GalacticFunk! Had a blast @BBowlVegas. For those of u who missed it... #goodtimes

 @GalacticFunk thanks for letting me sit in.. Always a an honor.. Tell Ben thank u for letting me use the harp rig!

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He attended other artists’ shows in Las Vegas and is engaged in the entertainment community wherever he is.  He joined the music party at his own restaurant, Saw’s Juke Joint in Birmingham, this past weekend.

Few people can take what they love to do, their profession, and their creativity anywhere.  Taylor will be back in Alabama—back home, Nashville and a recording studio, and on the road for appearances, some already planned. 

How lucky!  It isn’t where you are—it’s who you are, and Taylor is a musician.  That doesn’t end as he flies out of Las Vegas one more time. 

Don’t cry for Las Vegas!  Except that visitors won’t be able to enjoy the soulful sounds and roadhouse jammin' of Taylor Hicks on the Strip any longer.  But Taylor will be on another stage. 

With another song

We can’t wait. 

And we’ll be there!

A sincere thank you to Taylor Hicks , Brian Less, Amory Harwell, all the musicians in the band, Bally’s, Paris Las Vegas, Ceasars Entertainment, Las Vegas media, and all who made it a great run in Las Vegas! 

We’re just waiting for the next great adventure!

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Thank you to Paris Las Vegas for sharing via Twitter the stunning photo above of Taylor's final performance in Napolean's Lounge!