Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taylor Hicks and Teen Angel Are Winging It Across America!

If you haven't been hibernating under the nearest rock, you know that Taylor Hicks is making big news flying into cities all over the USA with the national tour of "Grease."  Recreating his starring role as Teen Angel, Taylor opened to smash reviews in Providence, R.I. on December 2.  The audience went wild for him and when he added his harmonica talent at the end of the show, even the cast loved it!  The media and fan reviews are in, and the TV interviews are plentiful.  IT'S A HIT!

What impresses me is the versatility Taylor Hicks shows as a performer.  His onstage presence elicits fantastic appreciation at his solo tours, because of the genuine and high energy music he offers.  He has not trained for acting or made that an early goal, yet he stepped into "Grease" and his sequined suit as easily as one steps into a comfortable pair of slippers, and literally *elevated* himself to a new level, ice cream cone and all.  And he did it with typical Taylor Hicks moxie and style, descending to the Broadway stage via the cone, and now "winging" his way into the hearts of present and new fans in cities everywhere in our nation.

What is the draw Taylor Hicks has?  He is just so darn HAPPY up there!  You can see in every performance, be it on  the concert stage or the theatre stage, that this is one excited guy!  And this oozes out to the audience in buckets, and keeps them returning night after night watching the play, hanging out at stage doors to catch a glimpse or get a smile and autograph.  And they are not disappointed, because Taylor Hicks knows the value of his fans.  He gives them all of himself, onstage and off.  Fans are faint with anticipation, waiting to hear the new song which will be added to the end of the "Grease" performance and chomping at the bit to get his new CD, due out February 10th.  And they are lining up for the shadow tour planned in each venue city, starting at the new year.

"Grease" may be folding on Broadway, but it is ALIVE AND WELL in theatres everywhere across America, and the success is due in large part to its Teen Angel, whose wings draw in and enfold every fan in the house.  



cath said...

I have to agree that the main draw for the National Tour is Taylor Hicks. However, the vehicle , Grease, is such an institution that I am betting many attendees will go for the show ( it is nostalgic and the music is so memorable ) just because it is Grease. Am also betting that they will come away being enamored with Mr. Hicks and his interpretation of the Teen Angel.


san said...

It is sad that Grease is closing on Broadway, but I'm glad Taylor and the National Tour is "winging it across America." (Wish I'd thought of that, Gypsee!)

In a tough economy, it may be the best for the theatre at this point. Sales for the tour are strong and the media is great! Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel is here to stay!